Mission statement

The North West Surgical and Interventional Medicine Simulation (SIMS) Network is a collaboration between:

  • the 10 surgical specialties
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • the interventional medical specialties (Gastroenterology, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, and Pain Medicine)

to design, facilitate and deliver curriculum-specific simulation training for postgraduate trainees (Foundation Year 1 to Specialty Trainee year 8).




Simulation training has been recommended by:

  • the Specialty Associations
  • the Royal Colleges
  • the General Medical Council

and is an essential component of current training curricula, particularly in the context of restricted training opportunities imposed by the European Working Time Directive.




The venue for the delivery of training is the centrally located world-class facility, the Manchester Surgical Skills and Simulation Centre based at the University of Manchester, and is supported by the North Western Deanery and NHS partners from across the North West.




For the purpose of training-stage appropriate delivery of simulation training, the programme is stratified into 4 blocks:


Foundation Year 1


Early years:

Foundation Year 2 | Core Trainee Year 1 (or ST1) | Core Trainee Year 2 (or ST2)



Specialty Trainee year 3 to Specialty Trainee year 5



Specialty Trainee year 6 to Specialty Trainee year 8




The simulation training programmes, although specialty-specific, will include modules to develop:

  • technical-based skills
  • analysis and assessment of human factors
  • clinical scenarios

by utilising combinations of low-fidelity simulators, high-fidelity computer-based simulators, and cadaveric tissues (animal and human).



Further information

For further information relating to your specialty and the simulation training programmes, please explore the specialty-specific tabs.